I’m a classical homoeopath, applying a homoeopathic philosophy that is closely related to what S. Hahnemann described in his Organon and Chronic Diseases, and to the works of J. H. Allen and H.A. Roberts.

However, by applying the energetic examination during the last twenty five years, I developed a more personal philosophic approach concerning this matter that I published in my book ‘Notes on Miasms, Heredity and Nosodes’ (first edition, 1994 – second edition, 2010), where I make a clear distinction between the individual energy and the ancestral energy.

A short overview of my own evolution in forming my present homoeopathic views and ideas over the years:

First insight: 1985:

Set out and judge separately the nosodal symptoms (these are rubrics in the repertory which contain carc., med., syph. and /or tub.) (hereditary energy) and prescribing the individual remedy of the patient only on the non-nosodal symptoms.

Second insight: 1989:

Energetic examination by kinesiological principles: this results in the fact that the remedy that has to be prescribed can already be verified to be correct before being taken by the patient in question. Consequently it accelerates in the homoeopath the process to get a deeper insight into the broad Materia Medica.

Third insight: 1992:

By administering the appropriate nosode, in connection with or shortly after the correct individual remedy, the case gains momentum: the patient recovers more quickly from his acute or chronic problem, there is no homoeopathic aggravation and there is a quicker evolution towards a stable health. The explanation therefore maybe is that by administering the matching nosode an energetic shield around the negative hereditary information in the chromosomes is formed, so that this information cannot be activated with the result that the energetic and physical expression of those bad genes will be kept dormant.

Also some definitions must be put clear to understand this approach better:


Definition of the 'simillimum': The simillimum is the remedy that, on the moment of the prescription, covers all the actual, valuable symptoms and consequently causes a positive energetic reaction.

Moreover I would like to link the term ‘simillimum’ with only the individual remedies, and not with the ancestral related remedies (see, below).

Importance of the ancestral energy:

The ancestral energy doesn’t express itself in an individual (personal) way (which is the classic way of recognizing a remedy). Consequently the ancestral energy is near invisible and consequently difficult to recognize.

Cf.: Notes on miasms, heredity and nosodes (1994 & 2010): all ancestral meridians, which are the extra (miscellaneous) channels and the Governing Vessel and the Conception Vessel, have not an own course (but use the points of the individual meridians) - with exception of the Governing Vessel and the Conception Vessel.

Yet this ancestral energy has to be treated ‘frequently’ by administration of a classic or Bowel nosode.

This approach and way of treatment is unique and is found by applying the energetic examination.

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