Interview Filip Degroote, in HM (in Dutch)

The HPathy Ezine

Dr. Ulrich Welte mentioned Filip Degroote in an interview Alan Schmukler did in The Hpathy Ezine.

Alan: You’ve incorporated color preference, handwriting, periodic table, kingdoms, themes, stages and more, into your work. Are there any new developments on homeopathy’s horizons that you also find interesting? What might homeopathy look like in twenty years?

Dr Welte: Any original contribution is interesting, if it is verified clinically. For example Filip Degroote’s work feels original, but I have never met him. He has incorporated a kind of kinesiology and uses Weihe points as confirmatory symptoms. His materia medica feels authentic, not just the usual copy of copy of copies. I met a patient to whom he gave Ruthenium as a very good constitutional remedy after a consultation of only 8 minutes (he had no appointment and was treated as an emergency patient). I marveled how he could have found a deep-rooted remedy in such short time; it made much sense and worked well, curing a protracted facial neuralgia.

Whole Health Now

Whole Health Now Website: Interview concerning the use of dreams in homeopathy.

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